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HIST 251, Research Methods (Goodwin): Census

Manuscript Censuses

What did they ask?

Manuscript census images

Decennial Census

Statistical Abstracts and Analysis

Summarized data from many sources

Census bureau publications and reports

Downloading census data to build your own tables

Microfilm cabinets and readers

Manuscript census microfilm is available in the film cabinets at the call number range beginning HA. These cabinets are near the entrance to the Graduate Commons on the second floor of Lied. 

You can read the film at the microform reader stations between the grad commons and the tutoring area 


humanities librarian

Priscilla Finley, humanities librarian's picture
Priscilla Finley, humanities librarian
Lied Library LLB1187
(702) 570-1338

Recent censuses

Nevada Historical Censuses

Native American census sources

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