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JMS 713: Journalism and Media Historiography (Borchard): Spring 2018 Research Topics

Resource guide for upcoming projects for JMS 713

David Becker-Flashback: and its use in media, cinema studies, popular culture, and medical literature.

For medical & psychological literature, try the following databases:

For popular culture/cinema/media studies:

Specific Journals to Search

Shae Cox- to investigate African American and Indigenous celebration of service from the Civil War as documented in Black and Indigenous newspapers or readers. I will attempt to understand the post war memory of African Americans and Indigenous groups...

Madi Edgmon: My research will focus on music in the counterculture era and how the overall rejection of social norms impacted marketing for concerts and music festivals. I will study particular advertising techniques used throughout the “Rock n Roll Era”

Yahindra Maxie: I am going to research historical depictions of women, looking at ways media have changed in the way they portray ideals. I’d like to know if women’s rights and feminist groups have done more harm than good in the depictions of ideal wome

Shi-Quan Nettingham: Jesse Owens: For his performance on the track but also for combating Nazi theories of Aryan supremacy. The media also framed Owens as a communal hero, which my research in general addresses (right now, my focus is on basketball playe

Stephanie Rosauri: Gender in comedy and the suffrage movement leading to firsts for women in comedy post-WW2 with Lucille Ball on “I love Lucy” on television, Phyllis Diller in stand up, and Mary Tyler Moore. All three of those women really paved the way

Elisa Woinowsky: I would like to take a look at war and propaganda photography during WWII. I would investigate restrictions on publishing certain images and also see if it was common for war departments to alter images. I have previously thought about f

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