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JOUR 450: Media, Innovations & Society (Kilker): Library Guides

Resource guide to help students research technological innovations & more.

Finding Info on Innovations

Most likely, the innovation company's website will provide some historical overviews of the company's history, in addition to news & updates about the innovation itself. However, to find more details about the innovation, the industry in general, competitors, opinions of the product, check out the wide variety of library databases & web resources listed below.

Finding Information on Innovations & Companies

Let's say you wanted to find out about tablets. Check out this report from Mintel!

Want to find out about the tablet industry? Check out this report on IBISWorld.

Reviews of Technologies/Innovations

Assignment #2: Suggested Resources & Tips

With this assignment, there are a wide variety of ways to investigate your innovation. Before we go into specific resources, below are some tips and suggestions.

On the Libraries QuickSearch box, type in the name of your innovation and add other keywords to narrow your focus. (Examples: Android and early adopters; video cassette recorders and history, etc.). You can refine  your search by date and by source (scholarly, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, books, reports, etc.).

In addition to the databases & web resources listed below--you might try some of the following:

Wikipedia: Although of course you would never use Wikipedia as one of your cited sources--you still might check it out for their reference lists. For science-related topics and technical innovations, many Wikipedia entries have an extensive reference lists with credible sources.

Technology-related Blogs: There are quite a few authoritative/credible technology-related blogs that do a good job analyzing innovations. As with all resources, you need to evaluate the source for its purpose, its authority, currency, etc. By doing a basic Google search on your innovation or by going to a specific tech-related blog, you might find some detailed posts about your innovation, the users, the early/late adopters, etc. (Ten Best Tech Blogs:

Google: Of course, quite a few blog posts, magazine articles, and general resources about specific innovations are available on Google. Again, it's always important to do a thorough evaluation of the web source for its authority, purpose, accuracy, etc. 

Google Images: In addition to the advertising resources listed below, you may be able to find a variety of advertisements on Google Images for your innovation.



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