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JOUR 450: Media, Innovations & Society (Nourse): Library Guides

Resource guide to help students research technological innovations & more.

Finding Information on Innovations

Most likely, the innovation company's website will provide some historical overviews of the company's history, in addition to news & updates about the innovation itself. However, to find more details about the innovation, the industry in general, competitors, opinions of the product, check out the wide variety of library databases & web resources listed below.

Assignment #1: History & Context of Your Innovation

With this assignment, there are a wide variety of ways to investigate your innovation. Before we go into specific resources, below are some tips and suggestions.

UNLV Libraries Databases and Advertising Resources to Find Background/History of Your Innovation

Finding Information on Innovations & Companies

Let's say you wanted to find out about tablets. Check out the reports from the Mintel and IBIS databases:

Reviews of Technologies/Innovations

Assignment #2

In addition to Quick Search and the various databases listed for Assignment #1, you may want to explore the following databases and other resources:

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