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Medical Students

A guide to library resources and services for UNLV School of Medicine Students

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The School of Medicine Library has access to McGraw-Hill's USMLE Easy; a Step 1, 2 and 3 question bank study aid. You will have to create an individual account in order to use this product. As always, it is best to be at the Shadow Lane campus when registering a new account.

1: Go to and click on the Databases A-Z link.


2. Search for USMLE then click the link to the product.


3: Click on "Institutional Sign In" in the top right.


4. Click on the link to the right to create an institutional student account.

5. Fill out the requested information and be sure to uncheck the box at the bottom before submitting.


The School of Medicine Library has access to BoardVitals, a high-quality, effective and powerful exam review tool. You have access to test banks to help prepare for board exams for 30+ medical specialties, Shelf Exams for seven medical specialties and the USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3. BoardVitals question banks offer 24-hour access from your phone, tablet and computer to a huge database of expert reviewed exam questions.

CLICK HERE to learn how to access and use BoardVitals.

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