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EAB 788 Meta-analysis in Public Health/Wu: Home

This guide supports EAB 788.

Xan Goodman, Nursing, Integrated Health Sciences & Public Health Librarian

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Xan Goodman, Nursing, Integrated Sci & Public Health Librarian
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Grey Literature

What is grey literature?

Grey literature is sometimes referred to as material you cannot find in peer reviewed sources.

It can include: conference proceedings, newsletters, bulletins, notes, posters, reports, and memos.


Welcome to the EAB 788

Meta-analysis in public health Class Guide

This guide will link to resources for the seminar course EAB 788.

Meta-analysis is an area that requires skills in information literacy, searching and organization. This guide contains information to help you as you learn.

Best Bets

Here are some good places to start your research.

Selected Public Health Research Resources

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