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Anatomical Models

The purpose of this guide is to serve as a visual catalog of anatomical models available for checkout at the circulation desk. Models include body parts such as bones, muscles and systems.

A-Z Listing of Anatomical Models

  1. Animal Cell
  2. Arm (muscled)
  3. Appendicular Bones
  4. Axial Bones
  5. Bone Structure
  6. Brain
  7. Circulatory System
  8. Digestive System
  9. Ear
  10. Embryonic Stages
  11. Eye
  12. Female Pelvis
  13. Head and Neck Musculature (2 part with 3 part brain)
  14. Head (median section)
  15. Heart
  16. Kidney
  17. Knee join (flexible)
  18. Leg
  19. Lung (with larynx)
  20. Lymphatic System
  21. Male Pelvis
  22. Nervous System
  23. Pulmonary Lobule (with surrounding vessels)
  24. Skeleton
  25. Skin
  26. Skull
  27. Small Intestine
  28. Spinal Cord
  29. Stomach Wall
  30. Torso (muscled) 
  31. Vertebral Column
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