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University Libraries Student Assistant Employment Guide

Academic Success Center Spring 2021 Road Map to Success Virtual Workshop Series

All of the Academic Success Center (ASC) services are now available online. Click on this link to see all Academic Success Center online services:
Registration is open for the Academic Success Center Spring 2021 Road Map to Success Virtual Workshop Series (calendar link)The Academic Success Center virtual workshops are free and open to all UNLV students.
To receive the workshop URL, students must pre-register for the event using their Rebelmail email address.

Student assistants can earn  ( 1 ) Academic Skills credit or Elective credit per completed ASC virtual workshop. Scroll down this page for documentation requirements.
Virtual workshop registration steps from the ASC calendar page:
  1. Click on the workshop you would like to attend
  2. Under "Admission Information" click on the Webex link
  3. Click "Register"
  4. Enter name and address (Rebelmail)
  5. Submit registration
  6. Wait for email approval and event link
  7. Use the provided link at the designated workshop date and time
  8. Each event's link is unique so make sure you are registering for the correct workshop.

Click here to go to the Academic Success Center's workshop registration calendar webpage: Spring 2021 Road Map to Success Virtual Workshop Series.

See the Academic Success Center's Road Map to Success Series flyer image below or click here for a pdf with workshop registration links




How to get Libraries Student Assistant Professional Development Certificate Program credit for attending

Libraries Professional Development Certificate Program

  • Until further notice due to UNLV and University Libraries budget cuts, student assistant paid workshop attendance is limited to ( 2 ) one-hour workshops per student assistant per semester. (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
  • After a student receives their ( 2 ) paid workshop hours, they can take additional unpaid workshops. 
  • Unpaid workshops are taken on the student's own time and not during a scheduled library shift. *This applies only after the student has used their ( 2 ) paid workshops. 
  • Student supervisors who have questions about student assistant payroll, please contact Libraries HR.
  • Before a student assistant attends a workshop for credit in the certificate program, their supervisor ​should email approval to 
  • The student supervisor's emailed approval should include the student assistant nameworkshop name, and workshop date/time
  • Documentation of workshop/training completion is required for paid attendance and/or program credit. 
  • After the ( 2 ) paid attendance workshops have been completed, student assistants have the option to take additional workshops​ a​nd receive Professional Development Certificate Program credit without payment for attendance.

Student Assistants: Please email or forward your attendance documentation to and copy your supervisor.  

Acceptable forms of completion documentation include: 

  1. Student assistant Academic Success Center post-workshop survey email.
  2. Student assistant completion email from the workshop/training facilitator.
  3. Student assistant registration confirmation email and attach a pdf/screenshot/phone picture of the final screen of the workshop/training.
  4. Student assistant Kognito certificate of completion for At-Risk for Students/Student of Concern Training. 


If you have any issues obtaining completion documentation, please email for assistance. 

Academic Success Center Virtual Tutoring Program using Zoom website

Click on this link to go to the Academic Success Center's Tutoring page:  

Online Tutoring Spring 2021

The physical tutoring lab locations will not be utilized until further notice. Please continue to check for revisions to this policy or updates as they become available.

The ASC Tutoring program will continue operations using a fully online-delivery model to support UNLV students. In lieu of physical drop-in tutoring locations on campus, ASC tutoring will be made available through virtual drop-in tutoring locations using Zoom staffed by our peer leaders from the Lied Library (LLB) Tutoring Lab and the Engineering Tutoring Center. The virtual locations will operate as extensions of the UNLV campus, with same rules and student code of conduct as our physical locations and will maintain the same schedule of subject availability as posted at the beginning of the semester (see announcements).

Students will be able to access a virtual tutoring location by visiting the Zoom website and entering the corresponding meeting ID number of the desired location listed below. You must now provide the password: tutoring before being admitted into the waiting room.

LLB Tutoring Lab

Meeting ID # 719-403-7133
Password: tutoring

Engineering Tutoring Center

Meeting ID # 815-269-7552
Password: tutoring

UNLV Students will be admitted into the virtual tutoring location by a Front Desk Manager (FDM) who will prompt the student for their NSHE number and requested course before placing them in a Breakout Room. Similar to our physical drop-in tutoring locations, students will be placed in “breakout groups” based on their requested course and can prompt available tutors with questions as needed.

Students can leave the virtual tutoring location at their leisure once they have completed their tutoring session and will not need to check-out.

Additional guides will be made available on the announcements section of this page.

If you have any questions regarding access to the virtual tutoring locations, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

LLB Tutoring Lab

·       Phone: 702-895-3199

·       Email:

Engineering Tutoring Center

·       Phone: 702-895-2910

·       Email:

Past Academic Success Center Virtual Coaching Workshops for download

ASC Spring 2020 Academic Success Series Virtual Workshops' pre-recorded format means students can still access these past workshops.

Once the student downloads the PowerPoint presentation and starts the presentation from the beginning they will be able to listen to one to two coaches discuss the topics in a pre-recorded manner.

To verify participation in one of these virtual, pre-recorded workshops, students will be asked to take an assessment at the end of the presentation.

Spring 2020 Academic Success Series Virtual Workshops in pdf or link form can still be downloaded, see below:

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