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Genealogy Guide

This is a guide to resources at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries that may be of use to genealogists.


American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography of Published American Diaries and Journals (to 1980)

Call number: LASR Z5305 U5 A74 1983

Annotated 6,000 published diaries and journals.  Includes subject, name, and geographical indexes.


American Family History: A Historical Bibliography.

Call number: HQ535 A587 1984

List of 1,167 abstracts and citations on family history.  Last chapter lists individual genealogical studies.  Has a subject and author index.


A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From pre-1675 to 1900: a Guide to Genealogical Research

Call number: Z5313 U5 H67 1990

Helps to identify a person through his military service in American wars to 1900.


Subject Guide

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