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CRJ 700: Proseminar in Criminal Justice (Nur): Research Starting Points

Makalylen Tadeo

1. Do children who experience sexual abuse display internalizing and externalizing behaviors at a higher rate than children who do not experience sexual abuse?

2. Are there gender differences in internalizing and externalizing behaviors of children who experience sexual abuse?

Kara Forrai

1. Do differing aggregate perceptions of consent impact the rate of sexual misconduct on college campuses?

2. Is lack of sexual education programs linked to rates of sexual misconduct on college campuses?

Rachel Housden

1. Do plea discounts and trial penalties affect the decision to plead guilty?

2. Do a defendant’s case- and demographic-based characteristics affect likelihood of a guilty plea?

Alexandra Merletti

1. Do women with physical and/or mental disabilities face higher rates of intimate partner violence (IPV) when compared to women without disabilities?

2. If so, are there unique risk factors that make women with disabilities more vulnerable to IPV?

Taylor Novak

1. What are identifiable personality traits that can identify possible delinquent behavior?

2. In which developmental stage does the adolescent brain respond best to treatment or intervention?

Jessica Quan-Williams

1. Has there been an increase in digital vigilantism with the rise in social media use?

2. Does digital vigilantism and its visibility as an online public behavior weaken perceptions of police legitimacy?

Aerrow Cruz

1. What are victim, perpetrator, and family characteristics linked to the occurrence of filicide?

2. Are there characteristic differences between children who experience abuse but not filicide compared to those who experience abuse and filicide?

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