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COLA 100LA 1005 (Walker) Tricks, Scams, and Cheats: Library Guides

Library Web Pages

Use the library website to find out about the amenities, spaces and equipment available in Lied Library.

Slides for 10/3 class visit


Finding Books

Books describing how people might be fooled were popular around the world in the 17th century. The Book of Swindles by Yingyu Zhang describes various frauds that happened in China. Using the main library search box, can you find The Book of Swindles in ebook format? Are there any swindles listed in the table of contents that probably aren’t done today? 



Textbook publishers make the most money when they sell a new book to every student, and you may be familiar with some of the strategies they use to try to lock in those individual sales. UNLV's CSUN student government organization is able to help by subsidizing purchases of shared copies of certain textbooks for high-enrollment courses for students to share. Using the Course Reserves search, see how many copies of the Biology 100 UNLV custom textbook Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications and Issues are currently available? 


Academic Journal Articles

Professor Walker recently published an academic journal article called “Othello and Gross Conceits.” Is there anything gross about it? Use the library’s web site to find a copy - according to the abstract, what area of study are the Othello characters referring to? 


Technology Lending

It’s easy for viewers to be fooled by deceptive video editing. Visit the Borrow Equipment section (under Spaces and Technology) on the website and identify a piece of equipment you could borrow to help you create a misleading video. 


Current Newspapers

Your poli sci class requires you to keep up with current events, but the New York Times site has a paywall! Use your Rebelmail to sign up for a NYT Academic Pass and get free access by going to  Is the NYT reporting on any instances of deceit today? 


Ask a Librarian

For some topics, information found on the web can come from dubious sources. The AskUs! Chat or text service connects you with a librarian who can help you find and evaluate information. Text 702-945-0822 or use the online chat at to ask the librarian if she can recommend a reliable site to use to research new developments in the cannabis industry.  (chat service opens at 9am)


Meet with a Subject Librarian

You can set up a meeting with a librarian who can help you navigate the types of information that are most important in the academic field you are studying. For example, if you needed help finding case studies about unsuccessful white collar crimes, you could consult with the librarian for the Criminal Justice program. Use the “meet with a librarian” section on the web site to find out who that is.


Finding a video 

Scammed is a video series produced by a company called Canamedia with episodes that describe 19 different frauds and schemes. Find the list of video episodes by using the main library search box. What is one familiar fraud they describe? 


Citing Sources

Using someone else’s words or ideas without giving them credit is one type of academic dishonesty. From the library web page, under Help & Support, visit the Citations and Bibliographies page to see examples of citation forms for different scenarios. Which citation styles are demonstrated on this page? 


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