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3D Printing

Learn more about and discover resources for 3D printing.

School of Medicine Library


Front Desk Phone: (702) 545-2005

Makerspace Phone: (702) 545-2081

Staffed Hours:
Mon - Fri 8 AM - 5 PM      

School of Medicine Library
625 Shadow Lane 

Las Vegas, NV. 89106

3D Printing Point of Contact

Kee Choi

Technology Specialist

Division: Library Technologies

Phone: 702-895-2201

Email Address:

Building Location: LLB 3241

Mail Stop: 7041


3D Print Request Form

Welcome to 3D printing at the UNLV School of Medicine Library 

The UNLV School of Medicine Library (SOML) 3D Printing Services is now available! SOML currently offers small scale printing (less than 6 inches in height) on a case by case basis or for programs and events. Large scale complex printing (taller than 6 inches, multiple print sessions) is currently not available.

Library Website:

To submit a 3D print request please review the library's policies and guidelines prior to filling out the form

3D Print Request Form Link

Last updated: 7/20/2023

Steps to 3D Printing at Makerspace

​​​​​1. Review UNLV School of Medicine 3D Printing Libguide and 3D Printing Policies

2. Thoroughly fill out the 3D Print Request Form 

3. Upon submitting the 3D print request form you will receive an automated email notification stating your response has been received and is being reviewed by library staff. 

4. Library staff will review the submission, please allow 72 hours (including weekends and holidays) for a confirmation response from library staff. If staff or patrons may have questions regarding the print request a consultation may be scheduled for further discussion.

5. Once your print has been reviewed by staff your 3D print will be started.

6. Upon completion staff will remove your print from the printer, clean off any supports, and contact you by email that your print is complete and ready for pick up from the Makerspace (MEB Rm 440K). 

3D Printers at The School of Medicine Library

At the UNLV School of Medicine Library, there are two 3D Printers available for use. 

Ultimaker 3 Extended 

Printer Properties:

  • Dual extrusion machine 
  • Extra-large build area
  • Industrial grade
  • Interchangeable print cores 
  • Heated build plate 

Ultimaker S5 

Printer Properties:

  • Composite-ready dual extrusion 
  • Humidity controlled storage for 6 spools 
  • Filters up to 95% of ultrafine particles
  • Compatible with over 90 materials
  • Interchangeable print cores

Purpose Statement

As part of the School of Medicine Library (SOML) mission to support the Strategic Pillar of Education and Research, we hope to encourage collaboration, exploration, and innovation of emerging technologies such as 3D printing for the betterment of healthcare practices and services in Southern Nevada.

School of Medicine Library 3D Printing Policy

For full details please reference our 3D Printing Policy located on our website under the 'About' and 'Policies' sections. 

Eligible Users

3D printing services and resources are available to faculty/staff, medical students, residents, and fellows of the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. 

Those not associated with the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV may contact UNLV Lied Library Makerspace with further questions and/or requests regarding 3D printing. 

Priority of Use

  • Education-Related: 3D printing requests related to a class assignment or project 
  • Research-Related: 3D printing requests related to research such as creating experimental models for the purpose of improvement to patient care and/or student/practitioner education
  • Other: SOML faculty and staff reserve the right to host events, outreach, or special programming to promote 3D printing services. 


The School of Medicine Library currently covers the cost of filament. This cost is currently offset by the library's operating budget and external funding whenever possible. The coverage of fees is dependent on budget availability and subject to change. 

Print Procedures

Library users will need to fill out a request form to submit 3D printing requests. Forms are reviewed and processed by the School of Medicine Library staff. If the request meets the service requirements, prints are then processed by SOML staff, and users are notified when print jobs are complete and available for pick-up. The pick-up window for 3D printed materials is during library operating hours only (M-F 8 am- 6 pm). 

Disclaimers & Acknowledgments 

Intellectual Property & Copyright

Library users will need to comply with federal, state, and local laws, as well as NSHE, UNLV, and UNLV Libraries policies with respect to intellectual property rights and the use of copyrighted materials. The School of Medicine Library staff will not be able to make any determinations on fair use and protection of intellectual property. To learn more about copyright at UNLV, please visit their information page []

The Library cannot guarantee item quality or stability, nor the confidentiality of designs. Any finishing steps (e.g. removing rafts/supports, sanding, removing the paper backing, etc.) is the responsibility of the user. 

The library user understands that staff is not responsible for failed prints or prints which are damaged when removed from the print bed. Additionally, any changes made to prints and completion date are subject to change at the discretion/availability of materials. 

The School of Medicine Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request. 

3D Printing Equipment 

Access: Only School of Medicine Library faculty and staff have hands-on access to 3D printers. Library users may check out and use 3D printing pens.

Use: Only approved materials provided by the School of Medicine Library may be used with the 3D printers. The 3D printers must be used in a manner outlined by the manufacturer's specifications. 


Printing Restrictions 

Clinical Use Applications: At this time, 3D printing services are focused on prototyping items for research and educational purpose in the educational setting.

Excessive Printing: In order to offer this resource to as many eligible library users, we ask that printing is limited to class-related or research-related projects. Library users may also submit requests that have a function or purpose. At the discretion of SOML staff, library users seen excessively printing objects will be asked to hold requests to allow other users the opportunity to use the 3D printing service. 

Overnight Printing: Overnight Printing is not permitted. All print jobs must be completed within business hours of the library (M-F, 8 am-6 pm). 

Weapon Making: Library users will need to comply with federal, state, and local laws. The creation of illegal devices or weapons is strictly prohibited. 


Available Filaments and Colors

Filament and various colors are updated frequently to reflect materials in stock


  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow


  • Black
  • Transparent 

Tough PLA

  • Black
  • White


  • White
  • Black
  • Transparent


  • Natural 


  • Black


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White


  • White
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