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KIC Bookeye Scanner: Introduction

Guide for using the KIC Bookeye 4

KIC Bookeye 4 Scanner Introduction

At the Music Library:  Walk-Up Scanning as Fast and Easy as Walk-Up Copying - And So Much More!

The Bookeye Scanner is a powerful tool that expedites the scanning process. Not only can you scan pages from books and save them as .pdf files, you can scan high resolution images to incorporate into any academic paper or publication.

The machine is easy to use once introduced and has step-by-step directions on the scanner (and in this guide)!  Pages can be scanned flat or in a V-cradle mode (less strain on book spine, clearer images)

Documents can be saved in several formats (such as pdf, jpeg, and png) and you can save to USB flash drive , send to email account or pay to print

Scanner handles materials up to 17 x 24 inches, scans in black & white, grayscale or color. Scans from 100 to 600 dpi resolution

Editing features are available through the scanner, with cropping, deleting and changes to resolution done through even before anything is saved or emailed.

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