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Search across all ABC-CLIO history databases
Documents, images, maps, and audio and video recordings explaining the structure and foundations of U.S. government, illuminating political processes, constitutional rights, and international relations.
Primary and secondary sources like government and court documents, photos, maps, audio and video recordings connected with American history from the colonial era to the present day.
Provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of the Surrealism art movement.
Newspapers including Reno Gazette-Journal (1876-2008), San Francisco Examiner (1889-2007), and Spokane Statesman-Review (1894-2009); also includes selected 20th century newspapers from St. George, UT, and Tulare County and Salinas, CA.
Historical reference books, magazines, journals and thousands of primary source documents.
Primary and secondary materials that explain and document key human rights issues and atrocities of the twentieth century, including television footage and photographs, presidential archives, government, NGO and court documentation. Maps and reference entries provide context and historical background.
Covers the literature of occupational therapy and related subject areas including indexed article abstracts, proceedings, reports, doctoral dissertations, and master’s theses. Coverage includes content available from 1910 to the present.
Articles, books, speeches and documents that present multiple sides of controversial issues.
Spanish language reference books, general interest magazines, health information and more.
Popular science magazines, encyclopedias, reference books and images.
Resources on children's and young adult literature and their authors, includes discussion guides, lesson plans, author interviews, and other multimedia content.
Primary and secondary sources like images, maps, audio and video recordings, and profiles of communities and groups.
Military history reference resource with overviews of 50 wars, with timelines, causes and consequences, portraits of opponents, and links to supporting facts, figures, primary sources, and audiovisual content.
Maps and profiles of each nation's geographical features, recent and early history, culture, politics, and economy; also includes images of significant buildings and ruins; flags; noteworthy speeches; recipes; facts and figures; glossary terms; and national constitutions.
Translated primary sources and reference entries about the ancient and medieval worlds.
Primary and secondary sources about world history, 1500-present, including maps, speeches, newsreel footage, photographs, book excerpts and recorded interviews with notable figures.
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