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COM 101: Oral Communication (Belk, Powell)

Resources for 3 speeches in COM 101

Information Timeline

When an event occurs, details post to social media within minutes. Within the first few days of the event, news and media pick up the story and provide more and more details. At the end of the week, weekly magazines will piece together more information. At the end of the month, monthly magazines will provide even more details and context. It will take three months or more for the event to be discussed in scholarly literature. It will be a year or more for the first books published on the topic to emerge.

Tools to Help You Evaluate Information & Guide to Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Speech 1 (Powell): Explain a Complex Process Related to Your Major

Speech 1: Explain the Nature of a Social Problem

Check out the library Quick Search. Search for books, articles, and more all from one search box!

When to Use Quick Search:

  • you are first starting your research
  • to get ideas or background info you have had difficulty finding sources in other databases you need
  • an alternative to Google - easy searching but with more credible/reliable results

On the right sidebar, you can "Refine My Results" a number of different ways--including by publication date

**Remember, since you are supposed to look for recent publications (such as 2015 through present), you can narrow your search easily from "Limit by Date" in the "Limit My Results" section.




UNLV Libraries Research Databases for Social Issues/Problems

Finding Data & Statistics & Government Information

Need statistics to support your argument? An easy way to find official statistics on Google is to add to your search. For example:
Search "teen pregancy statistics"

Then you will be directed to official government sources, such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Finding Government Information Tutorial

Persuasive (Problem/Solution or Problem/Cause/Solution)

Charity Resources

Begin your charity/nonprofit research by investigating the organization's website. You will most likely learn about their mission, their key players, annual reports, events, fundraising efforts, and more

You may also want to type in the name of the charity in UNLV Libraries "Quick Search" button to find a vairety of sources from books, magazine & journal articles.

Below are some UNLV Library Databases and reliable charity-related websites to help you with researching the organizations.

Scavenger Hunt Exercise

Using Google Scholar

Subject Guide

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