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Master of Urban Leadership: Welcome New Grad Students!

UNLV Libraries resource guide for Master of Urban Leadership Students


Welcome to the Master of Urban Leadership Library Research Guide!


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The Inquiry Process

Urban Leadership-Related Databases

UNLV Libraries Data & Statistics Portal

To obtain official data sources on Google, remember to type in after your keywords. Search example: "teen pregnancy statistics"

Online Movies & Streaming Videos

Learn Effective Database Search Strategies


Learn Effective Database Search Strategies



  (The following are suggestions to improve your search results)



Use different search terms or key words

a.       Try using other words to describe your topic, it will give you better results. 

b.       Examples: urban and leadership, cities and administration, leadership and nonprofit

 Truncation or wildcard (*)

a.       This will locate alternate endings for your search term.

b.       Example - lead* to find leaders, leader, leadership, etc.

c.       Note: Some databases use different symbols; consult the help page for the correct symbol

 Try different databases

a.       Each database contains unique material, so searching a different database may yield more relevant research.

 Help page

a.       Each database has a page with tips to help you effectively search that resource.

Choosing & Narrowing Your Topic

You will have to narrow down your research topic whether the topic comes from your professor or you choose it yourself. You may know the aspect of a topic you want to research; however, if you need help with this, below are some tips on how to do this.

For example, you have to write a paper on high school dropouts; there are various aspects of this issue to write about. To narrow down this topic, ask the basic questions:

  • Who? - Race, ethnicity, age, gender, students, etc.
  • What? - Social issues, ethical considerations, medical concerns, discrimination, etc.
  • When? - Historical overview, current developments, future progress, etc.
  • Where? - Regional, nationally, workplace, college, etc.

By applying one or two questions, you can narrow down your topic.

If you are still having trouble narrowing down your topic, search the internet to see what is being discussed. At this point, you are not looking for resources. You are just looking on the web to generate ideas for your research topic.

Leadership-Related Journals

Below are some individual journal titles owned by UNLV Libraries that focus on leadership. Many of these journals will include leadership-related case studies,

You can access the content of these journals by logging on with your ACE Account.

Tips for Searching on Google Scholar

A note about Google Scholar . . . 

Although Google Scholar contains many resources, it does not contain access to all relevant resources for hospitality research.  Researchers are strongly encouraged to look at the additional resources mentioned above to conduct a thorough literature review.  You do not need to purchase articles via Google Scholar many are available for through the UNLV Libraries or via Interlibrary Loan.

For help connecting to UNLV Libraries' resources through Google Scholar see the following.




Use Time-saving Library Services


Use Time-saving Library Services

UNLV Interlibrary Loan: Use this account to get articles, books, and other resources from our interlibrary loan system that are not available through UNLV Libraries for free by clicking HERE to set up an account. 

RefWorks: Software that will allow you to store, organize and format your research citations via the Internet automatically.

Google Scholar is a subset of Google that is designed to search for academic and scholarly articles and books online.

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Suggest a Purchase for the UNLV Libraries: Do you have a suggestion for an item that we should add to the library collections?  Click here to make your request.

Research Consultations: If you would like to schedule a time that is convenient for your schedule to discuss your research, please contact me at or 702-895-2141.



Urban Leadership Publication Information

Need to know where to publish, how to contact a publisher, and what has been published?  Check out the following resources.

Journal Citation Analysis Tools

Use the following resources to track citations, including by author, number of articles cited, number of articles published, etc. 


MLA Resources

Need help? Feel free to contact me!

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