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This guide contains information about test preparation materials available at Lied Library.

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Welcome to the Test Preparation Handbook Guide!

This guide contains links to test handbooks for students considering applying to medical school, dental school, business school, and other graduate, professional programs.

There are also links to test prep handbook resources for those sitting for board or licensing exams.

AANAPISI Workshop Questions Fall 2017

1. What is the best way to build connections with professors outside of class?

One way to build connections is the time-honored attendance at office hours. Office-hours is set-aside time for students that professor dedicates to answering questions about their course.  However, a savvy student could use this opportunity to explore the course topic more deeply or to develop a professional relationship with their instructor.  

Another way to build connections with professors outside of class is to participate in clubs, organizations, or other activities for which there might be a faculty advisor. As a student, you can express your interest in a non-academic subject to show the depth of your interests beyond the classroom, and this allows your professors to see you in a different light.

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