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Manage Your Life!: Home

An introduction to personal information management and productivity tools

Social Sciences Librarian

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Heidi Johnson

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Personal Information Management

Personal Information Management: a combination of strategies and tools that help you to manage, organize, access, share, and use all the information you accumulate in the course of your life and work.

How will PIM benefit you?

  • Locate your files, information, clippings, favorite web pages, and citations quickly and easily.
  • Balance your time better collecting, organizing, editing, sharing, preserving, and using personal information.
  • Minimize information overload.
  • Stay organized and become more efficient.

Apps & Tools

Remember to pick tools…

  • With features that meet your needs and preferences.
  • That you can access on different devices and sync across them.
  • That are easy to use and that you will actually use.

Resources Covered in Workshop

Additional Tools & Resources


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