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Online Movies & Streaming Video

Guide to the Libraries' licensed collections of streaming video and other sources. The collections provide access to thousands of educational videos, documentaries and feature films on a variety of subjects.

Search the Catalog for Streaming Media

You can use the catalog to find streaming videos on various topics. In a keyword search, combine the phrase "streaming video" with a word or phrase, e.g.,


Click the Go button above to see the results, or substitute your word or phrase for "water conservation" in the example and Go (results will open in a new screen or tab). Click a title in the results list to see the full record for the streaming video; click on "View streaming video" or "View film" to see it.

Instructors: See the WebCampus Toolkit for tips on linking to streaming media in your courses.

Search the Catalog for Video (all formats)

If you are interested in video in any format -- streaming, DVD or even videotape (yes, we still have VHS!) -- you can perform an Advanced catalog search and limit your search to "Video, DVD, Etc." format.

The search results in the sample screenshot will be limited to records for streaming videos, DVDs, and/or videotapes with some mention of the phrase "water conservation" in the record.

Screenshot - advanced catalog search limited to video format

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