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Mentoring Circle: Library Guides

Mentoring Circle resources.

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UNLV Campus Resources

Below is a list of resources that might be helpful in your journey at UNLV. 

  • Honor Societies
    •  If you are contemplating joining an honor society take some time to review the information at the Association for College Honor Societies to figure out if the society you're considering is reputable. 

Graduate School Tips

Graduate Testing Resources

Graduate Testing Resources*

1. Phone/Tablet Apps
2. - The English vocabulary section is very helpful and it increases/decreases the difficulty as you answer and repeats words you get wrong. On a side note, they also offer vocabulary quizzes in several other languages to help you in foreign language courses. Every right answer also contributes to a fund used to fight global hunger and this site is always available for free.
3. Public library - The Las Vegas Clark County Library District has a collection of test prep books that you can check out or order to be delivered to your local library from across the city. They have GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GRE Subject Tests books from different years and they usually have a few copies of the most recent edition of these books. They are free to use (as long as you don’t lose them!) and would save you $30-$40 each. I think some of them also include software with additional test questions or with self-scoring versions of the tests. Kaplan and Barron’s are usually the best and most reliable companies to use. 
4. - Stop by ETS’s website to check when they have open test dates and get a feel for how the test is structured, how it will impact your schedule, and how much it costs. If possible, book your date as far out as you can, as the test fee is usually significantly cheaper and you will have more time to study. They also offer free practice tests and test-taking guides, and their free PowerPrep II software is made to help you get used to the timing and format of the test. They also have free PDFs of practice tests that you can download and free math skill review guides. Since there are few, if any, changes between versions of the GRE, use slightly older practice tests instead of buying materials with “new” or “updated” questions. The ETS website will tell you about any important changes.

 *The following list of resources was reviewed by Blaine Pennock, Mentoring Circle student. 

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