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HIST 110, History of Sexuality in Multicultural America (Gallo): Class Guide

History of Sexuality in Multicultural America

search strategies

  • Use the publication date range limits (usually on advanced search form) to set the start date and end date for your results.
  • If a subject search is available, try a broad term like marriage. For browsing subjects, start with the category Society, Manners and Customs.
  • In Letters and Diaries collections, under the Browse menu, look for Personal Events.

Recognizing Primary Sources

Discussion Team 1

How were marriage and family viewed in the Euro-American settlements and colonies, and the early American republic?

Discussion Team 2

How did slavery shape society’s views of “normal” sexuality?

Discussion Team 3

How did increased immigration and changes in technology alter ideas of “normal” sexuality in the early 20th century?

Discussion Team 4

How did societal norms regarding gender roles and intimate relationships change before and during the 1950s and 1960s in the U. S.?

Discussion Team 5

What are significant challenges to normative sex and gender roles in America from the late 20th to the early 21st centuries?

These may be primary or secondary sources:

Some Examples

Below are some typical primary source items from a variety of library databases that could be interpreted to answer some of the questions posed on your syllabus for the final paper assignment.

Examine the language used in different eras and think about how you might construct a search to reach similar or different items.

Subject Guide

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Secondary Sources

Secondary sources: ebooks

Chicago Style

Chicago style and Turabian Style are the same thing! Turabian is an adaptation of Chicago intended for student use and it requires page numbers and URLs that are sometimes optional in the version of Chicago style used for print publications.

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