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COLA 100, Fashion and Material Culture (Clemente): Fashion and History

Resources for Professor Deirdre Clemente's COLA 100 sections

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Use this box to access the library's Quick Search, which will search most of our holdings -- books, articles, and newspapers  -- all in one place!

Secondary sources in the form of journal articles or books examining fashion trends and cultural impact will be found here. You may also locate newspaper articles here, which could be primary sources if they were published in the era you are studying.

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Web search ideas

Web Video

YouTube is a gold mine for searching film footage. You might try searching for a year and a broad term like "men's fashion". Aim for primary sources like footage from newsreels or films - but remember that sources created for entertaining audiences can't always be taken at face value. 


Costume history

Textile dictionaries

Conservation information


Primary sources: Articles, ads and images from the same time period as your object

ARTstor and Vogue are good places to find visual sources.

Note that off-campus use of ARTstor requires you to first sign up for an account while you are on campus. 

Secondary sources: journal articles from all academic disciplines


Secondary sources: articles by art historians and design professionals


Online Photo Sources

Example books analyzing objects

Subject Guide

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Library catalog subject headings

Use these links to browse books in UNLV Libraries arranged by subject. Books may contain images that are primary sources or analysis by contemporary scholars that would be considered a secondary source.

Fashion & costume books

Theory and method

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