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EOH709 Scientific and Technical Writing/Pharr: Home

This guide supports instruction for EOH709.

Grey Literature

What is grey literature?

Grey literature is sometimes referred to as material you cannot find in peer reviewed sources.

It can include: conference proceedings, newsletters, bulletins, notes, posters, reports, and memos.


Welcome to the EOH709

Scientific and Technical Writing Class Guide

This guide will link to resources for the seminar course EOH 709.

Scientific writing is an area that requires skills in information literacy, writing, and organization. This guide contains information to help you as you learn.

Research Article Databases

Research Article Databases for Public Health 


Journal Metrics

Journal Metrics 

Journal Citation Reports full text

Published by Thomson-Reuters, JCR provides information on the influence of individual periodicals to publishing within specific scholarly disciplines (impact factors). Iy also gives information year-by-year on the impact factors of journals as well as the half-life (for how many years an article is cited after publication) of journals.


Selected Public Health Research Resources

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