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English 102: Topic Development

Topic Development Activity

Connect from Off Campus

Start Here!

CQ Researcher and Wikipedia are great places to get started with the research process.  Some things to remember:

1. CQ Researcher provides in-depth coverage on issues covering a wide range of topics.  Reports in CQ are written by journalists, and contain references.  Many reports include graphs, photographs, a "pro-con" section, and historical background on a topic.  CQ reports are fact-checked and can be considered to be quality sources of information.  

2.  Wikipedia is a great place to start your research, but not a great place to end.  Content is user-generated, meaning anyone can edit Wikipedia articles.  Use Wikipedia to get ideas that you can then expand upon with quality, academic sources.  

In depth research on controversial topics ranging from social issues to environment, health, education, science, and technology issues.

Research is a Conversation

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