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ENG 445B Victorian Poetry (Decker): Microfilm

Madden ballads microfilm

Location of Madden Ballads microfilm




Once you have the correct reel, you can take it to one of three microfilm readers. Two are on the second floor under the windows to the left of the tutoring area. Another is available on the first floor near the computer help desk. The 1st floor reader does not require an ACE login and does not have Internet access.


Load the reel into the reader using the diagram on the machine. 



Reel Numbers and Frame Numbers

Use either the binder with the temporary title list or any of the online guides to identify the reel you need. 

Once the film is loaded, use the minus sign in the Digital Zoom options to make the image small enough to see the frame number. You can make it bigger again when you're ready to read. 

Here is what the frame number looks like - try the manual light level adjustment if it's too dark to see it.

Using the Madden Ballads

The binder with the title list and introduction is shelved on the compact shelving that makes up the border of the tutoring area, on the last shelf that faces the east wall. 

Saving Image Files

If you are using the ViewScan readers on the second floor, use the File tab to save images you have scanned to PDF.

The file prefix plus a four digit number will become the file name. If you don't change it, it will default to ViewScan_0000. You may wish to change ViewScan to a name that you will recognize in case there are scans from previous users that might still be on the C drive. 

So if you scan and save three times without changing the default prefix, your files will be named 

  • ViewScan_0000
  • ViewScan_0001
  • ViewScan_0002

The files will be saved by default to the path C:/users/patron/My Documents - from there you can save them to a flash drive or email them as attachments. 


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