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COE 102/103/202: First Year Seminar/Second Year Seminar: Poster Sessions

Use this guide to find resources related to College of Education First and Second Year Seminars

Poster Resources

This page includes resources for making posters related to your Service Learning Project. We update this page in the first month of each semester.

Need research help? Contact Samantha Godbey, Education Librarian, at

Need poster design help? Contact Katherine Keller, TDRL Evening & Weekend Supervisor, at

Spring 2018 Poster Submission Deadlines

Discounted printing ($10):

Posters with reserved print spots: Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Posters without reservations: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Posters submitted for printing after the deadline will be processed based on the regular large format printing service polices and are not guaranteed to be ready in time for the COE 103/202 Poster Session. See the TDRL website for more information ( 

Discounted Printing


Provided to all COE 103/202 Sections at the TDRL in Spring 2018.
In order to receive discounted printing for your final poster (the standard price is $24), complete the following:

1. Reserve a Spot

There are 100 spots on a first come, first served basis. Click here to sign up. When we reach 100 participants, we will update the information here. As of April 24, there are still spots open.

2. Attend a Library Session

If you attended a library session with your class, a librarian visited your section, or you attended a 30-minute library workshop on your own, you're all set. If you did not do this step - we will still print your poster, but it will be full price ($24). 

3. Use the Provided Poster Template

Download the PowerPoint template to use for your poster. Not sure how to start or need design help? Contact Katherine Keller at            

4. Submit Final Poster Document

Use our Google form to submit your poster by the deadline. This deadline allows time for our staff to catch any printing issues and contact you in case of problems.

Posters must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

5. Pick up Your Poster

We'll send you an email when your poster is ready for pick up in the Teacher Development and Resources Library (first floor of CEB). It will be ready no later than Tuesday, May 1 at 9:00 am. $10 (cash or credit card) will be due on pickup.

Design Tips

Tips for creating a professional looking poster:


  • Do not use a black background with white text: It does not print well.
  • Pick a simple color scheme.  Two to three colors tend to be enough. 
  • Use color strategically to highlight areas of your poster (headers, tables, etc.).  


  • Try to have at least one image: picture, table, graph, etc.
  • Use high res images that won't pixelate when printed.


  • Pick a simple font scheme.  Fonts for headers can be different than what is used in the body of the text, but be consistent.
  • Choose a clear, easy to read, professional font.  Posters should be easy to read from a distance of four plus feet. 
  • Use a standard font common to both Macs and PCs: Custom fonts will not print correctly


Need additional design help?

  • Contact Katherine Keller at the TDRL to set up a design consultation. 


Sample Posters

View a selection of posters from previous semesters here.

When you print your poster with us, we'll ask your permission to share your poster in this website of UNLV faculty and student work (Digital Scholarship@UNLV):

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