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Informative Speech/Ballot Questions: UNLV Libraries Quick Search

Check out the library Quick Search:  Use Quick Search to find sources for both your informative speech on Las Vegas history and also for your class debates on ballot questions one and two.


Use Quick Search to find information on the Nevada ballot initiatives. Type support Marijuana legalization, for example, and look at the list of results. Next, you can limit to books, scholarly journal articles, newspapers or magazines by looking at the left side of page under "Improve Your Search" 

Use the same process with ballot question one; support background checks, etc.

There are numerous sources available in Quick Search on Las Vegas history and the 2016 ballot questions. 

Marijuana: Pro sites

Question One: Pro and Con Sites

Ballot Question - Background from CQ Researcher

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News: campaign 2016

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Kate Wintrol
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Using Google

Need statistics to support your argument. An easy way to find official statistics on Google is to add to your search. For example:
Search "teen pregancy statistics"

Then you will be directed to official government sources, such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC)


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