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SWK 471/671: Advanced Seminar-Special Problems

Subject Guide

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Mental Illness/Disabilities

“SAIA People First Language”:

The New Asylums from Frontline:

Review the follow-up video “The Released” from on Frontline:

Report on the Mental Health Crisis in Southern Nevada February 2005:

A dream denied: The criminalization of homelessness in U.S. cities:
Focus your review on pp. 8-24, 30-31, and 135-145, with emphasis on Las Vegas

Review: Angrosino, M. V. (1994). On the bus with Vonnie Lee: Explorations in life history and metaphor. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 23(14), 14-28:


671: Olmstead Analysis Paper

A Few Resources to Get You Started

The 1999 Olmstead Supreme Court Decision and Nevada:

Nevada’s Strategic Plan for People with Disabilities, Annual Report (June 2008):

Nevada State Health Plan:

Review (text or media player): “Mental Health Parity Approved with Bailout Bill”, NPR, June 14, 2009:

Review: Olmstead V.L.C. (98-536) 527 U.S. 581 (1999). 138 F.3d 893, affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded:

Review: Best practices for co-occurring disorders (MH and substance abuse):

Nevada Disability & Law Center (NDALC):
The Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center (NDALC) is a private, statewide non-profit organization that serves as Nevada's federally-mandated protection and advocacy system for human, legal, and service rights for individuals with disabilities.

671: PACT Program Analysis Paper

National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI):
NAMI has been dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness.

PACT: Program of Assertive Community Treatment:
PACT is a service-delivery model that provides comprehensive, locally based treatment to people with serious and persistent mental illnesses.

Evidence-Based Practices KITs

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services--Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services:

Grading the States 2009--A Report on America’s Health Care System for Adults with Serious Mental Illness: http://www.nami.orggtsTemplate09.cfm?Section=Grading_the_States_2009

Grading the States 2009 Report Card: Nevada:

Searching for Scholarly Articles
There is a lot of scholarly information available on ACT or PACT programs. You may want to begin by searching various UNLV Libraries Databases. Follow these steps:

From the UNLV Libraries homepage (, click on the Articles & Databases tab, then from the A to Z list, click on "A" and choose "Academic Search Premier". Before beginning your search, click on the links that says "Choose Databases"--then check the following other boxes to include these databases: PsycArticles, PsycINFO, & SOCINDEX With Full Text.

In the Search Box, try some of te following keywords or keyword phrases:

  • PACT and mental health
  • ACT and mental health
  • assertive community treatment
  • act program and mental illness

You can try the same keywords when you search Google Scholar. Below are a couple of sample articles:

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for People with Severe Mental Illness
Authors: Kim T. Mueser, et al.
Behavior Modification, Vol. 27, No. 3, 387-411 (2003)

Effect of strengths model versus assertive community treatment model on participant outcomes and utilization: Two-year follow-up
Authors: Kristen Lawton Barry, et al
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Vol 26 (3) Winter 2003


471/671: Video Review--Reviews of Riding the Bus With My Sister

When "Googling" for reviews and information about the movie, you may want to try some of these keyword searches:

  • "riding the bus with my sister" and TV and review
  • "riding the bus with my sister" movie review
  • "riding the bus with my sister" movie "mental illness"


Here are a couple samples of reviews and information about the movie:

471: Reaction Paper

What is NAMI

Some Resources to Assist You with Your Reaction Paper

Report on the Mental Health Crisis in Southern Nevada February 2005:


Check out the Las Vegas Sun:

In addition to this article,, try some keyword searches in the Sun's search box, such as:

  • Las Vegas and emergency room and crisis
  • Las Vegas and emergency room and mental illness
  • Clark County and emergency room
  • Las Vegas and mental illness

You may also want to search the Las Vegas Review-Journal. From the Libraries Home Page (, click on the Articles & Databases tab, then on the A to Z list, click on "L"--then scroll down to Las Vegas Review-Journal database.

Try some of the keyword searches used above. Below are a couple sample article titles:

Emergency declared as mentally ill flood ERs; [Final Edition]
Brian Haynes. Las Vegas Review - Journal. Las Vegas, Nev.: Jul 10, 2004. p. 1.A

Nevada mental health care gets D-
Annette Wells. Las Vegas Review - Journal. Las Vegas, Nev.: Mar 1, 2006. p. 1.B
Other News-Related Resources

WHITE PAPER: Clark County Emergency Room Overcrowding. Prepared for Carlos Brandenburg PhD By David A. Rosin, MD, 11/29/04
Mental Health Crisis: More Violent Patients:


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