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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Tutoring


What We're Doing:  The Libraries’ have committed to upgrading the tutoring area during this enhancement project by providing a larger physical footprint for services, and the addition of flexible furnishings to allow for better use of space during peak times. 

Why We're Doing It:  The Libraries’ partnership with the Academic Success Center’s Tutoring program continues to thrive, with increasing student participation every semester.  Both ASC staff and students who receive tutoring support have indicated the need for more tables & seats and more physical space between tutoring workstations to reduce significant noise challenges.  The "Before" photos below show the current tutoring space on the second floor.

How You'll Benefit:  The ASC will be able to provide tutoring services to more students in a more productive environment.

Planning:  Fall 2013 – Summer 2014. 

Construction/Installation:  late Summer - early Fall 2014. 

Completed:  Fall 2014.

Progress Report:  Synopsis   Photos:  Tutoring Lab Construction & Furniture Install  

Be sure to check out our After Photos!

Before Photos

After Photos

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