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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Library Instruction Rooms


What We're Doing:  The Library plans on updating the furniture and technology in the Library Instruction Rooms.  The Library's largest instruction room, the Amargosa Room, will be redesigned, allowing large classes to be receive library instruction on-site.  The Amargosa, Pioche, Eureka, and Rhyolite Rooms are pictured below, prior to any updates.

Why We're Doing It:  The library instruction rooms have been mostly static since Lied Library opened in 2001.  During the 2012-13 fiscal year, Lied Library staff taught 532 classes to over 12,000 users, and demand continues to rise!  In order to allow for more collaborative instruction sessions, the library’s four instruction rooms will receive updates to furniture and technology.  These updates will allow students and librarians to work together in a more interactive environment. 

How You'll Benefit:  The Library will be able to host more instruction classes on-site, allowing students to work in a hands-on environment with their subject expert librarian.

Planning:  Summer 2013-Spring 2014. 

Construction:  Summer 2014. 

Completed:  Fall 2014.

Progress Report:  Synopsis   Photos:  Amargosa Construction     Amargosa Furniture & Technology Install     Eureka Construction     Pioche Construction

Be sure to check out our After Photos!

Before Photos

After Photos

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