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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Wireless Network Upgrades


What We're Doing:  The library's wireless internet system is receiving an upgrade.

Why We're Doing It:  Wireless technology in Lied Library is over seven years old – installed before the proliferation of smart phones and tablets.  As noted in user surveys, the infrastructure could use some improvement in order to provide more robust coverage in more places.  Minor modifications to the wireless system during the spring 2013 semester resulted in a net improvement of 25% for traffic.  The library will be conducting a site survey to better identify the wireless needs in the building, along with purchasing equipment that complies with the forthcoming new wireless standard. 

How You'll Benefit:  The wi-fi system will be faster and more reliable, reducing technology frustrations in the library.  

Planning:  Summer-Fall 2013. 

Construction/Installation:  Summer 2014. 

Completion:  Fall 2014.

Additional Documents

Additional wireless upgrade details can be found in the document below:


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