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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Updating Existing Furnishings


What We're Doing:  The library will be reupholstering the red task chairs and plush lounge furniture throughout Lied Library with fabric that is not only durable, but easy to clean.  Examples of furniture in need of reupholstery are pictured in the "Before" photos below.

Why We're Doing It:  The lounge furniture that is placed throughout Lied Library is showing wear and tear.  Additionally, the constant heavy use of task chairs at computer workstations has taken its toll on that upholstery.  Since this furniture is still structurally sound, new fabric has been selected and both types of seating will be reupholstered. 

How You'll Benefit:  New upholstery will allow the furniture to be used and enjoyed without showing wear and tear.  Additionally, cleaning crews will be able to quickly get dirty or stained furniture cleaned and back to usable condition quickly.

Planning:  Summer 2013. 

Installation:  Winter Break 2013-14. 

Completed:  Early Spring 2014.

Progress Report:  Synopsis    Photos

Be sure to check out our After Photos!


Before Photos

Project Photos

Project photos are inlcuded in the project Progress Report:   Chair reupholstery

After Photos

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