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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Exhibits


What We're Doing:  The library will be adding exhibits – in both physical and digital formats – to highlight library collections and resources.  The "before" photos below show the location of a future digital exhibit gallery in the Goldfield Room, the Library's event and exhibit space, as well as examples of existing display cases that may be refreshed, replaced, or relocated.

Why We're Doing It:  Physical exhibits will be used to showcase such items as artifacts from Special Collections, while digital exhibits may display unique library collections such as Menus: the Art of Dining.  Additionally, the exhibits will incorporate student and faculty work that make significant use of library collections and resources. 

How You'll Benefit:   Users will learn more about the vast resources that are available for their use in the library.

Planning:  Summer-Fall 2013. 

Construction/Installation:  Summer 2014. 

Completion:  Fall 2014.

Before Photos

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