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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Signs & Kiosks


What We're Doing:  New signage that’s accurate and easier to read will be installed throughout the building.  The library is designing and installing a new digital display system, including interactive kiosks on every floor, to provide self-service facility and directional information.  The system will also display schedules of librarian-taught courses held in library instruction rooms.  There are also plans to pilot a group study room reservation system as part of this project.

Why We're Doing It:  Existing signage throughout the building is out of date, incorrect, and/or difficult to read.  Further, basic library information isn’t available without asking staff for assistance.  The "Before" photos below show some of the fixed signage that is challenging to read, along with paper signs that are found throughout the building.

How You'll Benefit:  It'll be much more intuitive to find places and events in the building, as well as brief information about our services.  Also, groups of students will be able to reserve study rooms in advance.

Planning:  Fall 2013

Construction/Installation:  Winter Break 2013/14 - Summer 2014

Completion:  Late Summer - Early Fall 2014

Progress Reports:   Winter Synopsis   Winter Photos   Spring Synopsis   Photos:  Destination      Room ID & Digital     Wayfinding

Be sure to check out our After Photos showing completed signs!   

Before Photos

Construction & Installation Photos

Construction and installation photos are available on the project Progress Reports:   Construction & Installation   Completed Signs

After Photos

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