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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: Group Study Spaces


What We're Doing:  New group study spaces are being added throughout the building, and some other spaces are being converted to better fit the needs of groups.  New group study zones are being developed on the first and second floors; some will have technology, all will have furniture that is flexible enough for group use.  Former copy rooms and book sorting areas on floors 2-5 are being converted into new group study areas.  Group study alcoves with glass marker boards have been created on floors 2-5 as well; new furniture was installed Spring 2014.   

Why We're Doing It:  User feedback frequently indicates that the library lacks adequate group study spaces.  Groups of students often have to move several pieces of furniture (that aren't designed! to move) together to create an environment that meets their needs.  Examples of spaces slated for conversion are shown below in the "before" photos (photos taken March 2010 and July 2013).

How You'll Benefit:  There will be more spaces throughout the building for general use, each designed for the group experience.  Many of the areas will also be enhanced with technology to assist with academic coursework.

Planning:  Summer – Fall 2014. 

Construction/Installation:  Spring 2014 – Spring 2015. 

Availability:  Spring 2014 - Spring 2015

Be sure to check out the After Photos of the new Group Study Alcoves.

Group Study Alcoves Video

Before Photos

Construction & Installation Photos

Furniture installation photos of the new Group Study Alcoves can be found on the Spring 2014 Progress Report:  Furniture delivery & install 

After Photos

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