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Lied Library Space Enhancement Project: More Seats, Computers, Variety


What We're Doing:  The Library is adding additional seating, more computers, and varied choices in seating options.  The majority of new computers will be available on the second floor, with new seating options throughout the building.   

Why We're Doing It:  A place to sit, work, or relax can often be very hard to find in Lied Library, especially at peak usage times throughout the semester.  The "Before" photos below show just how challenging it can be to find a place to study when the building is busy!

How You'll Benefit:  Users will have more places to get their work done, and a better variety of places to sit while doing so.

Planning:  Summer 2013 - Fall 2014. 

Construction/Installation:  Ongoing. 

Completion:  Varies by zone; project complete by Spring 2015.

"Before" Photos

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