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English 102: Articles and Books

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Selecting Keywords

Selecting the Right Number of Keywords. from Kimbel Library on Vimeo.

Joshua Vossler- Script writer, Pirate, and Hand
John Watts- Script writer, Chicken handler, and Hand
Tim Hodge- Editor and Hand
Beatrice- Chicken
Casey Schacher- Hand

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Tips for Searching

Narrow/ Focus Your Search

Broaden/ Expand Your Search

"And" or "Not" connector between concepts

Or” connector between synonyms

When to use:  when you want articles about both concepts

"social media" AND "adolescents" will return articles that are about social media in the context of adolescents--this gives you fewer, but more focused results

When to use: when you want articles that can use either one of two similar concepts

"social media" OR "Facebook" will return articles that use the terms "social media" or "Facebook"--this gives you more, but less focused, results


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