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Scholarly Communication: Digital Scholarship@UNLV

This guide is for UNLV authors. It provides resources on open access, publishing, bibliometrics, and more.

Digital Scholarship@UNLV Overview

Digital Scholarship@UNLV is a service of the UNLV University Libraries for the faculty and students of UNLV. The mission is to capture, preserve, and share the intellectual output of UNLV faculty, staff, students, and collaborations with other stakeholders. Research and scholarly archived output includes: articles, monographs, audio/visual presentations, working papers, technical reports, conference papers/posters, theses/dissertations, data sets, and publicly-funded research.

The UNLV Libraries repository uses bepress Digital Commons software. It is organized by communities (divisions, research centers, publications, etc.) and collections that represent a variety of scholarly materials. If you are interested in starting up a community, collection, or creating/moving a traditionally-published journal to open access, please contact us at


What's the UNLV Bibliography?

UNLV faculty may have been hearing about the UNLV Bibliography, a new service of the University Libraries.  Learn more about the bibliography including how to ensure your works are being included on our UNLV Bibliography Guide.

Why Add My Articles to Digital Scholarship@UNLV

There are many benefits to you and society by having your works available in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. Submitting your full-text works to us will:

  • Increase visibility and access to your research.  Digital Scholarship@UNLV is optimized to rank high in relevant google searches, so a researcher searching for topics related to your scholarship is more likely to discover your work.  In addition, articles are freely available (and not behind a publisher pay wall), allowing a visitor to download and read your work with ease.
  • Provide insight into the use and reach of your scholarship.  Each month, you will receive a personalized readership report, detailing the number of downloads and location of visitors, indicating the global impact of your scholarship.
  • Preserve and provide access to your research for future generations.  The UNLV Libraries is committed to providing stable, long-term access for your research. So you can rest assured that when you or others need access to the article, it will be there.

Find out how to add your full-text works to Digital Scholarship@UNLV.

Recent Additions to Digtial Scholarship@UNLV

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Digital Scholarship@UNLV Readership Report and Author Dashboard

Digital Scholarship@UNLV provides contributors of full-text content with monthly reports on the use of their works. Additionally, authors receive access to an author dashboard. The dashboard provides information on how many downloads the documents have received and where those downloads are occurring.

In order to fully take advantage of this download and reach information, full-text is required. More information is available at "How Can I Submit Full-Text Works."

Monthly Readership Report

The readership report from bepress Digital Commons gives authors a snapshot of the downloads occurring on their works in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. It arrives monthly in your inbox and provides:

  • The last month’s downloads
  • The total downloads for all of your works
  • A link to your author dashboard

bepress readership report example showing monthly and total downloads

Author Dashboard

The author dashboard provides contributors with a variety of tools to help gauge impact and reach of their works included in Digital Scholarship@UNLV. This information provides a supplement to traditional citations, and along with altmetrics badges, gives additional insight into where and how often the world is discovering your research.

One of the first things you’ll see when you get to your dashboard is a map of downloads.

Authors can add a date filter to select the timeframe of data to show, such as for an annual report.

Additional views of the data include downloads by country and works sorted by download.

Example list of top ten works sorted from highest to lowest download.


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