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Scholarly Communication: Open Access Week 2016

This guide is for UNLV authors. It provides resources on open access, publishing, bibliometrics, and more.

Open Access Week 2016

Open Access Week is an international event celebrated annually during the last week of October. Participating in OA week gives academics, librarians, and others invested in scholarly communication a chance to discuss and celebrate the achievements and innovations in open scholarly publishing.

We are embracing the this year's OA Week theme "Open in Action" by providing information and conversation opportunities that members of the UNLV campus can use to increase their knowledge of open access and make connections with each other over shared interests. 

This year at UNLV Libraries we are offering three events and we hope you can join us.  We provide a general overview of open access by participating in a webinar by CUNY Library followed by a local OA services Q&A session; provide tips to graduate students to evaluate open access (and other) journals; and end with a panel session on publishing an open access journal right here at UNLV. Details and registration for these events can be found below.

Open Access Week Events at UNLV

Open Access Week Events @ UNLV


Monday 10/24

9:00-10:00AM (webinar)

10:00-11:00AM (Q&A)

Lied Library Rhyolite Room

(Webinar) Scholarship That’s Scholar-Led:  An Introduction to Open Access Presented By Megan Wacha, CUNY

Open Access and UNLV Libraries OA-related services Q & A

Description: This webinar will provide an introduction to open access publishing models and details its implication for faculty research and student learning.

The webinar will be followed by a Q & A session hosted by UNLV librarians, John Novak and Andrea Wirth. We'll be available to answer questions about open access and UNLV Libraries services that support open access. 

Recording of the webinar available from SUNY.

Tuesday 10/25


Lied Library Pioche Room

(Workshop for graduate students) Evaluating new journals for publication: what authors need to know

Description: With so many new journals being produced, and many of them sending unsolicited invitations to publish, it can be difficult for authors to identify legitimate new venues for their articles. Attendees of this workshop will gain practical advice and hands-on experience in evaluating unfamiliar journals. Attendees will also leave the workshop with a better understanding of publishing terminology such as "open access," "article processing charges," and have the opportunity to discuss the concept of "predatory publishers."

Thursday 10/27


Lied Library Goldfield Room

(Panel Presentation) Starting and Publishing an Open Access Journal

Description: This workshop is for faculty and graduate students interested in starting and running an open access journal in Digital Scholarship@UNLV, our institutional repository.  The panel consists of UNLV faculty and librarians describing their experiences establishing a journal. For a list of open access journals in Digital Scholarship@UNLV, visit this site:



OA Week Press Releases and News

Open Access Overview

UNLV OA Resources

The Libraries offer a suite of services that support open access and scholarly communication.

Contact your liaison librarian or Digital Scholarship (

Learn more about Open Access and Open Access Week

History of the Open Access Movement:

This list is based heavily on a  guide prepared by the ACRL Scholarly Communications Toolkit Editing Team under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA) license.

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