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Scholarly Communication: Open Access at UNLV

This guide is for UNLV authors. It provides resources on open access, publishing, bibliometrics, and more.

Looking for the UNLV Open Article Fund?

Information and a link to the UNLV Open Article Fund application form are located on the UNLV Open Author Fund section of Article Processing Charges guide.

Digital Scholarship@UNLV Overview

Digital Scholarship@UNLV is a service of the UNLV University Libraries for the faculty and students of UNLV. The mission is to capture, preserve, and share the intellectual output of UNLV faculty, staff, students, and collaborations with other stakeholders. Research and scholarly archived output includes: articles, monographs, audio/visual presentations, working papers, technical reports, conference papers/posters, theses/dissertations, data sets, and publicly-funded research.

The UNLV Libraries repository uses bepress Digital Commons software. It is organized by communities (divisions, research centers, publications, etc.) and collections that represent a variety of scholarly materials. If you are interested in starting up a community, collection, or creating/moving a traditionally-published journal to open access, please contact us at


Downloads from Digital Scholarship@UNLV

Digital Scholarship@UNLV, UNLV's own institutional repository, provides data about the use of the items in the collection. In addition, authors who contribute their works to the repository, receive their own readership reports, as well as access to an author dashboard. The author dashboard includes a map similar to the one below that shows usage over time and place, which helps authors to demonstrate the impact and global reach of their work.

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