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THTR 701 (Cross): Research Methods: Theatre History

Theatre History

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  • An asterisk can be used as a wildcard: theat* finds theater, theatrical, theatregoer ...
  • Quotation marks for phrase searching - finds your terms in that exact order:
    • greyhound adoption program =  will prioritize items about adopting dogs but will also include items about other kinds of adoption programs, Greyhound buses
    • "greyhound adoption" program = will only return items with the phrase greyhound adoption in that exact order, plus program anywhere in the item
    • "Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas" will find only items mentioning that specific organization 
  • Some databases allow "proximity searching," or finding a term when it occurs near another term.
    • In ProQuest and Readex, use NEAR (in all caps): richelieu NEAR bulwer-lytton
    • In ProQuest, you can also use N/* where * is the number of words between the terms: greyhound N/5 sire finds sentences with greyhound and sire within 5 words of each other


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