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Project Alert - Summer 2017


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Project Synopsis

Lied Library opened its doors in January 2001.  As is the case in most large public building projects, planning started several years earlier, resulting in a design that was already at least four years old by the time the building was occupied.  Shifts in user needs and in the information environment necessitate some space reallocation and redesign.

The Library commissioned a Space Needs Master Plan in 2010, which concentrated mainly on addressing needs in very specific areas of Lied Library.  Over the past three years, several critical projects have been completed, including the opening of a new Graduate Student Commons; construction of the Goldfield Room, the library’s new event and exhibit space; development of staff offices and digitization lab space for the Digital Collections and Web & Application Development departments; and construction of new intake processing and storage areas for the Special Collections division.

It is now time to concentrate on upgrading and enhancing the public spaces in Lied Library.  Details of each project component are listed under the Project Components tab above, along with an estimated timeline for each phase.  It is expected that this enhancement project will be completed at the conclusion of the Spring 2015 semester.

In addition to the Space Needs Master Plan, the Library has utilized many other information streams from our users to support decisions.  Student input and other data indicates that computer use is at an all-time high, as is the demand for flexible group study spaces.  Observation studies and user surveys show that there is also a substantial need for easily accessible power – users have a variety of devices that need to be plugged in. 

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