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Crowd Management Research Council (CMRC) Resource Guide

The CMRC Resource Guide has been created to connect students, faculty, and researchers with with research strategies, sources, and updates in a wide variety of crowd management areas.

Finding a Journal Article with a Citation

Let's say you discover a useful journal article citation in a bibliography:

Article Title: Integrated network approach of evacuation simulation for large complex buildings, Fire Safety JournalVolume 44, Issue 2, February 2009, Pages 266–275

How do you find out if UNLV Libraries owns this journal?

Click on the A-Z List of Journals on the home page. 

Then type in Fire Safety Journal in the search box.


1 record retrieved for the search: Title begins with "fire safety journal" 

  Fire safety journal  (0379-7112)

from 03/01/1977 to present in ScienceDirect Journals
from 01/01/1980 to 1994 in Backfile Package - Engineering and Technology [YEN]

**The above database links will allow you to access the journal article. If the journal article is unavailable through UNLV, you will be directed to request it via Interlibrary Loan.

Using Google

You may find interesting police department reports using Google. Pay attention to who is behind the information and always be sure to evaluate the site for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (the CRAAP Test).


Setting Up Alerts for Topics

Database alerts let you run a search and be notified when new content is added to the database that fits your search. You will need to create a personal account on the databases in order to set up alerts.

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